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Here’s why you should not let proximity define your relationship

The year 2020 has become one wherein staying away from your loved ones is seen as a sign of love. So far, it has been a year of discoveries, experiments and revelations. Singletons, as well as couples, have grappled to come to terms with the new normal and maintain a positive attitude towards love. “Couples have found a new way to engage across distances, and singletons have changed what dating means,” says Dr Rachna Singh, resident relationship expert at OkCupid.

During the pandemic, many who weren’t in romantic relationships turned to online mediums to find love across countries and even continents. A previous study done by OkCupid found that 91 per cent of their Indian users were looking to date virtually, resulting in a 26 per cent increase in conversations on the app since March 2020.

A long-distance relationship with your partner means a lack of physical contact. While many believe it is difficult, it would be a myth to say that these relationships don’t work at all.

“The most important thing to keep in mind while dating from afar is that both the partners must want to make this work. Like any serious and healthy relationship, long-distance relationships require the most crucial components to make it a great relationship: honesty, trust and communication. Partners must not compromise on clear and transparent conversations,” Dr Singh explains.

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But, with hectic routines and different time-zones, couples may not be able to find and spend quality time with each other. Video calls can make the process simpler, with shared activities thrown into the conversation.

Dr Singh suggests couples to “consider cooking, watching a movie, or even having a gaming session!” A shared interest will help them to spend quality time together. “You can also make your video call dates special by dressing up for the occasion, cooking or ordering the same meal, and streaming a shared playlist.”

Doing little activities like talking them on a virtual walk or catching up on movies together is important to help shake off the anxiety from your mind of being in a long-distance relationship. “Yes, the longing to physically be with your partner is high, but one must not forget that emotional connection in a relationship is as important as a physical connection. Emotional connection is not necessarily built through physical meetings, but rather over great conversions and behavioural observations” adds Dr Singh.

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Lastly, she comments that 2020 is the year to bring back old-school romance. Long-distance relationships are not a cakewalk. “As you build a strong emotional bond, make a plan to meet when you both feel ready. Having something to look forward to makes the process easier and more exciting,” the expert concludes.

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