Here’s why you may not want to buy the 202o iPad Pro models

The iPad Pro models next year are reportedly going to support 5G mmWave technology. In other words, this 5G mmWave tech is what supports the fastest 5G connections – it offers faster speeds than sub-6GHz 5G at short distances. Apple introduced this feature on certain high-end iPhone 12 Pro models, particularly the iPhone 12 Pro Max, in some countries this year.

New reports indicate that Apple is working on its own in-house mmWave AiP (antenna in package) so that it can be integrated on more devices on its roster besides just the iPhones. And if that is indeed true, we can expect to see more Apple devices next year with 5G mmWave support.

DigiTimes quoted sources in their report who said that the high-end iPad Pro models that will launch next year should come with 5G mmWave support and claim that Apple has been able to successfully develop their mmWave AiP modules. These modules are expected to be used on devices launching next year.

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The report does not explicitly state that Apple plans to use the tech on the iPad Pro range but since Apple usually introduces its high-end features with its ‘Pro’ models first.

If Apple has indeed succeeded in creating the AiP modules, the report suggests that this is them moving closer to developing RF front-end (RF-FEM) modules in-house and Apple plans to supply its own modems in the future.

The iPads next year are expected to come with OLED displays and the high-end iPad Pro models might come with mini-LED display tech as well. Mini-LED displays are said to be less expensive to make and Apple might be pushing this new display tech on the iPad range first.

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