Here’s What Happened to Roxanne and Antonio From The Ultimatum Season 2

Here’s What Happened to Roxanne and Antonio From The Ultimatum Season 2

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The following story contains spoilers for The Ultimatum Season 2 on Netflix.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On returned this week with its second season, giving fans the first eight episodes. For those unfamiliar with the reality dating series, the concept centers around couples experiencing issues in their relationships. One partner in each pairing gives the other an ultimatum—aiming to fix things before getting engaged. Yet, there’s a twist.

Each contestant gets the opportunity to talk to the other cast members in order to see if there might be somebody else they’re more compatible with. Then, the show’s hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, hold a recoupling dinner, where the participants pair off into new relationships. The new couples then experience what the possibility of marriage would look like with someone new. They live together, may or may not fight, go on public dates, and experience more aspects of simulating a real-life relationship.

After three weeks, the contestants return to their original couplings and spend more time to see if they can mend their issues. One of this season’s most fascinating pairs is Roxanne and Antonio. The latter had provided the ultimatum to his girlfriend, who, despite being financially and emotionally independent, struggles with letting her guard down when it comes to marriage.

Roxanne eventually re-pairs with Alex, and Antonio chooses Alex’s original girlfriend, Kat. Drama ensues when Alex and Antonio get time to talk during one of the guys’ hangout sessions. After claiming to Antonio that Roxanne doesn’t “respect him” and referred to him as a “whipping boy,” he calls his original girlfriend to get some insight on the situation. She denies saying that—and proceeds to get into a tense kitchen fight with Alex over lying about what she said, how the guys’ night went, the cleaning schedule, and more. He takes on a patronizing tone, and she points out that she isn’t weak like Kat. Although Roxanne apologizes to him, he does not return the apology, and she decides to end their recoupling.

Antonio did the same thing, as he packed his things and didn’t spend the night with Kat at their apartment. He eventually breaks the emotional news to the sweet-natured Kat that he is returning to Roxanne to spend the remainder of the season attempting to mend their issues.

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together?

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While the final two episodes of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On are to come, including the couples making their final proposal decisions, fans still might be dying to know if Roxanne and Antonio stuck it out after the season. There are some social media clues that give some insight into their possible relationship status.

The two contestants still follow each other on Instagram, given it’s been a few months since filming wrapped on Season 2. Antonio still follows Roxanne’s business account too. Despite this, she last tagged her original boyfriend in a post from last July, so there’s a looming possibility they might have split up since—and the recent social activity is just to throw fans off.

Roxanne and Antonio have been active on the platform this week in honor of the season’s premiere. It’s also worth noting that they have not engaged with anything the other has posted, whether with likes or mentioning that they came on the show in a relationship. She even held a party last night to celebrate being on the show, but it’s unclear if he attended.

Unlike another show couple, Brian and Lisa, who decided to leave together and have opened up in subsequent interviews, fans might have to wait until The Ultimatum’s finale or reunion episodes to find out where Roxanne and Antonio stand.

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