“He Just Got Lucky Cause Rich Friends”: “Petty” Dana White Snubbing Francis Ngannou as the First Cameroonian UFC Fighter Invites Fans’ Wrath

“He Just Got Lucky Cause Rich Friends”: “Petty” Dana White Snubbing Francis Ngannou as the First Cameroonian UFC Fighter Invites Fans’ Wrath

Being the president of such a massive promotion as UFC will undoubtedly propel one to amazing heights. However, even a minor error could draw criticism from both fans and commentators. The same thing happened with the UFC head honcho Dana White as a recent post on social media made him a focus of criticism among the fans.

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A display issue involving the Cameroonian fighter Tafon Nchukwi was brought to light by a post on the social media site Reddit. The fans were actually very unhappy since they weren’t sure if White had intended to target the UFC legend Francis Ngannou or if it had just been an oversight.

What was the error all about?


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The post emphasized the light heavyweight starlet’s entrance into the octagon, which was captured in a picture. The phrase “only Cameroonian Fighter in UFC History” flashed on the screen while Nchukwi was moving down the aisle. Since he was not the first fighter from Cameroon, the information certainly appeared to be false. In fact, Francis Ngannou must have been overlooked at that point in time. The post also had a caption that stated, “Only Cameroonian fighter in history? Is this Ngannou shade or someone fu**ked up the banner?”

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The blunder being highlighted was enough to spark the attention of the fans. However, based on the number of reactions, the fans didn’t seem to like the error. They appeared to believe that Dana White did this on purpose in order to throw shade at Ngannou.


What did the fans have to say considering the blunder?

Since they had a lot to say, most of the supporters criticized the error. With their remarks, they aimed to emphasize the White-Ngannou connection. The fans, being angry, indeed took shots at White as evident from their reactions. The comments are as follows:

  • Going to erase Francis from history like they did DJ
  • We’re talking about Dana White here. He’s never been considered a classy boss lol.
  • He just got lucky cause rich friends. He’s dumb as sh*t prob sub 80 IQ. Just a fight tan who right place right time
  • I still remember when Dana was on Francis’s nuts lol now he’s doing every thing to hate on him.


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  • Pettiest sh*t I ever saw the ufc do.
  • Either someone fu***d up or dana is a weirdo
  • Yeah I can see Dana typing this out himself before he takes the money from the till at the bar to the bank.
  • These new fans forget 52 year old Nelk Boy Dana is one of most petty dudes ever. He just doesn’t show it nowadays in public

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Well, just a single post had so much to grab from the fans. The fans had a lot to say, and it was evident. Backing Ngannou with the Cameroonian angle surely proves how much support the heavyweight bigwig has gained over the years. In fact, both kingpins also had some history associated with each other. Considering the anecdote, what are your thoughts? Was the error really that big? Let us know in the comments.


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