Happy Birthday Rashami Desai: It is not about growing old, it is about having grace and dignity

Last year, Rashami Desai could not celebrate her birthday with her family owing to her participation on a reality show, but this year, the actor is certain that she will make up for it.

“I’m going to spend time with my family. We’ve been in the lockdown mode for so long, but yes, slowly we’re going out and all, and getting back to normalcy. I’m going to spend quality moments with family members and I’m very excited about it,” shares Desai, who turns 35 on February 13.

One thing that the actor is not worried about is getting a year older. Elaborating, she says, “Yes, you grow old but it’s not actually old. Ultimately, it’s about the respect that you hold in this world that increases. Every year has its own experiences. Kabhi lagta hai ye nahi karna chhaiye tha, but kabhi kabhi lagta hai ki sahi kiya. Next year, the same right can become wrong for us. So, it’s an experience. I like it. It’s the grace that I wear and the dignity that I hold that maters the most.”

Admitting that last year was a tough one, Desai says this year is already looking up. Other than her grand birthday plans, she also has “bigger plans” on the work front which she will reveal soon.

“Last year was the toughest and I think every year has been very challenging. In the last four years, I’ve been seeing a lot of difficulties in life. But somewhere, I have the motivation and a positive side to me. You really need to look at the tough times in a positive way. The way you look at life and the way you look at yourself really matters,” she muses.

So, what’s the birthday wish this year? “Just respect what you have, be in the present and love yourself,” she says, adding, “I’ve to promise myself that I will workout everyday and keep myself healthy. Baaki sab secondary hai, agar main hi theek nahi rahi toh fir kya.”

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