GTA 6 Attention to Detail in the World-Building is “Better than Real Life” and Here’s the Reason Why

GTA 6 Attention to Detail in the World-Building is “Better than Real Life” and Here’s the Reason Why

The ‘gangster has announced its arrival’ and how. The most-anticipated trailer in the history of gaming finally saw the light yesterday. Despite being subjected to constant bummer leaks, Rockstar Games managed to keep most of the magic under the sheets. The first official look of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto installment has now invited a series of theories that try to decode what Rockstar has in store with GTA 6! Among all the monumental aspects the makers spilled in the trailer, the graphics and attention to detail have been a highlight. But why? 

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From diverse characters to dynamic map designs, the trailer promises to be a graphical masterpiece. The expectations from the game are sky-high and the trailer just set the perfect tone for it. Loved the skyscrapers in the GTA 6 trailer? Of course, you did! As you know the Grand Theft Auto franchise takes its world-building inspiration from real-life locations and structures. However, for this particular project, the developers have taken a step up in the detailing. Moreover, with some great technological advancements, GTA 6 seems “better than real life”. 

Comparing the buildings that featured in the GTA 6 trailer with their real-life inspirations 


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Over the years, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has always set new standards of graphics and visuals. Yet, GTA 6 is different because it might just revolutionize the standards of visual excellence in the industry. A Reddit user sparked a viral discussion on the platform when they drew parallels between some of the buildings featured in the trailer with their real-life locations. The results were astonishing! 

GTA 6 vs IRL (Google Maps) – Trailer Comparison + Real Life Locations
byu/DanlyDanDanny inGTA6

The comparisons include 1500 Ocean Drive Condos, Royal Palm South Beach, Loews Miami Beach Hotels, 500 Brickell Condominium, and Venetian Island. Could you spot any difference? Don’t be surprised if you can’t, that’s how you know Rockstar has done a fine job. 


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The secret behind such visual magic can also be traced to Ray tracing illumination technology and parallax technology. According to some reports, GTA 6 has used the most advanced new-gen graphics technology in world-building. A similar technology was used by Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as a default for an immersive visual experience. So, now you know what you’re in for. 

Fans are high-spirited 

It’s been a while since a game was received on such a big scale by the community. But it’s GTA 6, you expect no less. From the dialogues to the action set pieces, the game seems to have ‘perfected everything’. Something you can only expect from the ‘most expensive entertainment product of all time’. So, as the Reddit user fueled the discussion, gaming fans were quick to hail praises for this epic. 

GTA 6 LOOKS BETTER THAN REAL LIFE,” a user wrote and the community couldn’t agree more. 

Another user adding on to the praise thread fanboyed over the detailing, wrote, “The accuracy of Bahia Honda state park is wild. I wonder how fleshed out the keys will be.” 


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A fan believes Rockstar justified all the promises it has made during the development of the game. “They weren’t lying when they said its going to be very dense and detailed, cool to see how much of the actual map detail they made for this game,” the comment read. 

Among all the praises, a fan has a unique way of celebrating the trailer launch. “I’m going to Miami next week. Definitely dressing up like Tommy Vercetti and renting a yellow Lambo,” they wrote in a hilarious confession. 

When it comes to releasing new games Rockstar never disappoints. Other companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft are all dead and dissappoints in its new releases. But Rockstar always stood where it belongs,” an industry critic surely has a huge compliment for the developers. 


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What was your favorite part of the trailer? 

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