Golf ball rollback timeline revealed, prompting the most amazing, hysterical reactions

Golf ball rollback timeline revealed, prompting the most amazing, hysterical reactions

The golf rollback era is here.

Well, not yet, technically, but the United States Golf Association (USGA) and the R&A—golf’s governing bodies—announced a timeline for rolling back the golf ball on Wednesday.

Once the news broke, golf fans let those emotions run wild on social media as they got the word ‘rollback’ to trend.

The two bodies proved that the yardage players could lose with these new balls would be minimal—around five yards for amateurs and upwards of 15 yards for the most elite pros.

Not everyone was happy about this decision, but at least people have kept it light for the most part. Regardless of whether fans agreed with the USGA and R&A, the reactions to the rollback are of epic proportions.

Totally rational human behavior:

2020 – Hoarding toilet paper
2024 – Hoarding ProV1s

— Golf Unfiltered (@GolfUnfiltered) December 6, 2023

Golf balls will not have modifications until 2028 for professionals and 2030 for amateur players, so there is still time to hoard and buy bulk amounts of the current balls. However, leave some for the rest of those who need to panic buy—it is common courtesy.

The rollback the golf world really wants is for Augusta National to bring back the retro cups at The Masters. This slight change could be the missing piece that brings golf back together.

Literally any time I play golf after 2030 and I don’t hit a great drive I will immediately slam my club on the ground and say “pre roll back that ball is 280 down the middle”

— Brian Kirschner (@BrianKirschner_) December 6, 2023

This is another excellent reaction from Brian Kirschner, as this future situation will likely happen across the country. It will be a talking point for golfers and one they will use for years. There is always a reason the drive did not go down the middle, and now the ball will be the one to blame.

Until the rollback prevents you from playing a round with your buddies, being outside, hitting a long-iron close, sneaking in an emergency nine before sunset, or having a cold beer on the clubhouse patio, spare me the idea that it’s going to make golf less enjoyable

— Will Knights (@willknightsTFE) December 6, 2023

A lot of people feel this rollback will make golf less enjoyable.

However, that seems to be an excuse. Will Knights is brutally honest about it all.

Golf can still and will be enjoyed regardless of whether the average golfer hits it five yards shorter. People enjoy golf for far more than hitting it a certain length. They are not going to hit it 325 like Rory McIlroy, and maybe this will force people to use the correct tees.

The rollback debacle has caused quite a storm. It will be another date in golf history from 2023 that the golfing world will not soon forget.

Savannah Leigh Richardson is a golf staff writer for SB Nation’s Playing Through. You can follow her on Twitter @SportsGirlSL and Instagram @savannah_leigh_sports for more golf coverage. Be sure to check out @_PlayingThrough too.

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