Ghostwriter Travis Scott 21 Savage bootleg

Photo Credit: Matthias Wagner

Ghostwriter—the anonymous creator behind the Drake/The Weeknd mash-up—is back with another bootleg AI creation. This one features Travis Scott and 21 Savage.

The creator posted the mash-up to TikTok, featuring Travis Scott and 21 Savage rapping together on a track titled “Whiplash.” Though the original TikTok is now deleted, the creator left this message for the two rappers.

“The future of music is here. Artists now have the ability to let their voice work for them without lifting a finger,” the message reads. “It’s clear that people want this song. DM me on Instagram if you’re interested in allowing me to release this record if you’d like me to remove this post.” The note also adds that any royalties generated by the song would go to the two singers who are featured on the AI-generated mash-up.

Ghostwriter’s work continues to raise serious questions surrounding the legality of AI-generated mash-ups and who owns their copyright. The first work, “Heart on My Sleeve” went viral earlier this year, generating millions of plays on Spotify before it was ripped down. Universal, Warner, and Sony have all discussed the ramifications of AI-generated content across DSPs.

Meanwhile, the creator of the track submitted the creation for Grammy consideration in two categories, including Best Rap Song and Song of the Year. While the song was “absolutely written by a human” as Harvey Mason Jr. put it, it’s unclear if the track will be eligible for an award due to general distribution eligibility requirements.

Tracks must be generally available for the public to consume to be eligible for an award—which an AI-generated track is anything but. This ploy to get artists working with him may help the anonymous creator secure that side of the Grammy eligibility requirement.

My only question is, why not do this type of Grammy AI eligibility stunt with Grimes’ voice? The artist is clearly open to her voice being utilized by AI creations and has built a platform specifically around doing that.