Feel good, guilt-free and physically strong: Bhumi Pednekar on turning vegetarian

Lifestyle choices are not easy to tweak, and when it comes to altering those we have inherited since childhood, it becomes all the more difficult. Like many, actor Bhumi Pednekar contemplated transitioning into a vegetarian but it was not without struggle. However, she sealed the deal with an Instagram post.

“My journey with Climate Warrior taught me a lot. It made me more compassionate towards other species and made me more humble. Eating meat just doesn’t feel good anymore,” the actor wrote adding it has been a few months since she has given up meat, and has been feeling physically stronger.

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“I took a decision in lockdown and did what I was contemplating to do now and one day I announced to the fam, that I’m giving up non-vegetarian food. Today it’s been a few months and I feel good, guilt-free and physically strong,” she added.

Back in 2015, actor Anushka Sharma had taken a similar decision. At a press conference, she had disclosed the same, saying, “I’ve recently turned vegetarian, so anyways I’m eating a lot more vegetables than what I used to earlier. And it’s going great. I’m seeing the difference. It is very important what you eat as that is what you are. So, it’s very important to make sure you’re eating enough vegetables and drinking enough water, which I’ve always done.”

Needless to say, Anushka welcomed Bhumi’s decision. Sharing the latter’s post, the Zero actor ushered her into the club.

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