Enduro Glossary: Essential Terms and Slangs for Enduro and Hard Enduro Riders

Enduro Glossary: Essential Terms and Slangs for Enduro and Hard Enduro Riders

Are you new to the world of enduro and hard enduro? Or maybe a seasoned rider looking to brush up on your terminology? Our Enduro Glossary is here to provide an insight into the essential terms, slang, and jargon that define this adrenaline-pumping sport.


  1. Arm Pump: Fatigue in the forearms, causing difficulty in gripping the handlebars.
  2. Berm: A raised bank on the outside of a corner, assisting in taking the turn.
  3. Endurocross: A hybrid motorcycle competition on a track that mixes supercross, trials, and enduro racing.
  4. Fire Road: A wide, gravel-covered road typically used by fire crews, often ridden in enduro.
  5. Gnarly: Describes a section of trail that’s particularly rough, rocky, or challenging.
  6. Goggle Fog: When a rider’s goggles fog up, obscuring vision.
  7. Hard Enduro: An extreme form of enduro with more demanding obstacles and technical sections.
  8. High Side: Losing control and being thrown over the bike, usually to the outside of a turn.
  9. Holeshot: Being the first rider to reach the first turn after the start of a race.
  10. Lug: To ride at a lower RPM, relying on torque rather than speed.
  11. Roost: The dirt and debris thrown into the air by the rear tire.
  12. Singletrack: Narrow trails just wide enough for one motorcycle, often with challenging terrain.
  13. Technical Section: A part of the trail requiring specialized skill due to rocks, logs, or other obstacles.
  14. Throttle Control: Precise control of the throttle to maintain balance and traction, especially in technical sections.
  15. Whoops: Successive bumps on a track that can be rhythmically ridden over.
  16. Yard Sale: A crash so intense that a rider’s gear and bike parts are scattered as if for sale.

Conclusion: This Enduro Glossary gives you a look into the unique terminology of enduro and hard enduro riding. Whether you’re a newbie learning the ropes or a seasoned pro, understanding these terms can enhance your appreciation of the sport and communication with fellow riders. Keep this guide with you and embrace the trails!

Note to Readers: Did we miss any terms that you think are essential? Leave a comment below or contact us at Enduro Channel, and we’ll make sure to include them in future updates!

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