‘Dubstep Dad!’ Shaquille O’Neal Speaks On Bonding With Son Myles Over DJing

‘Dubstep Dad!’ Shaquille O’Neal Speaks On Bonding With Son Myles Over DJing

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is opening up about how he and his 26-year-old son, Myles O’Neal, have formed quite a bond thanks to their shared love of DJing!

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The Athlete-Turned-DJ Says He’s “Actually Jealous” Of Myles O’Neal’s Skills

During a recent sit-down with PEOPLE, Shaq — who goes by “DJ Diesel” while on his music grind — mentioned how he and Myles are sure to hone their DJing skills by “practicing together,” noting, “We always trade songs.”

While on the subject, the 51-year-old “Dubstep Dad” fondly recalled introducing Myles to the art.

“I remember when I just bought him his first DJ set. He’d be in a room, and I try to let my kids do everything on their own, so he’d come in, and I’d say, ‘Figure it out,’ and he’d come back with it figured out.”

Continuing, Shaq was sure to note that Myles is “really good” at the craft. In fact, Shaquille O’Neal pointed out that he’s “actually jealous” of his son’s talent!

“I’ve seen him perform many times and he’s really good. I’m actually jealous, he’s really good.”

It’s also worth adding that Shaquille acknowledged that Myles “has something [he’s] never had”: “DJ hair!”

“He has that DJ hair. I don’t have the DJ hair.”

Shaq Previously Dished On Teaching His Sons To Be Stand-Up Partners

DJ-related insight isn’t the only advice that Shaq is offering his children.

As The Shade Room reported, Shaquille O’Neal discussed teaching his sons to be better partners than he was, as he admittedly fumbled “two perfect women.”

During the inaugural episode of Monica‘s MoTalk podcast, Shaq shared that — despite having it good with exes Arnetta Yardbourgh and Shaunie Henderson (formerly O’Neal) — he “messed it up” by “doing dumb stuff.”

As a result of his own fumbles, Shaquille O’Neal says he makes sure to tell his sons that it’s important to fully be there for their partners.

“I tell my sons all the time, ‘A man has three jobs when it comes to a woman. Protect, provide, and love.”

O’Neal noted that “some men can only offer two for whatever reason,” though he aspires to guide his sons so that they’re able to “offer all three.”

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