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Ditch market-bought Nutella, try this homemade vegan recipe today

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, or well, to be precise: who doesn’t love Nutella? Whether you have it with crepes or pancakes or just spread it on your bread, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy it. But if you have been avoiding store-bought Nutella recently, or are looking for a healthy variant of the same, make sure you give this homemade alternative a shot. It is vegan and healthier! Read on to know more.


2 tbsp – Coconut oil (melted and cooled)
½ tsp – Vanilla essence
1 cup – Almond milk
2 cups – Unsalted, dry and roasted hazelnuts
⅔ cup – Cocoa powder
7 – Soaked dates
½ cup – Maple syrup
Salt, to taste


*In your blender or food processer, add the hazelnuts and mix to make nut butter. Keep folding the mixture and blending until it becomes a smooth paste.

*Once you achieve the required consistency, add de-seeded, soaked dates, along with vanilla essence and coconut oil. Mix well.

*To this, add cocoa powder and maple syrup. Mix nicely and add almond milk.

*Blend again and transfer it into a glass jar.

*Store it in a cool, dry and place. Make sure you consume it within 15-20 days.

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