Dish Network Reaches Settlement Deal in Lawsuit Against iFit

Dish Network Reaches Settlement Deal in Lawsuit Against iFit

Dish Network

Dish Network has secured an agreement deal with NordicTrack exercise equipment maker known as iFit.

The lawsuit filed by Dish Network accused iFit of misusing its video streaming technology. iFit reportedly used Dish’s technology on different machines such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical trainers.

Resolution in Dish Vs. IFit Lawsuit

Dish Network and iFit made a joint filing at a federal court in Delaware announcing the settlement. In the filing, the companies disclosed reaching a “definite settlement.”

Dish Network has reached an agreement to resolve a lawsuit accusing NordicTrack exercise equipment maker iFit of misusing Dish streaming-video technology in machines like stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers @blakebrittain

— Reuters Legal (@ReutersLegal) February 23, 2024

The companies have also filed a request with the court to suspend the case according to Reuters. Once the settlement is realized, it will mark a major win for iFit, whose business model would have been affected by the lawsuit.

Dish, Peloton, and iFit have been engaged in an ongoing tussle on this lawsuit. It secured an order from the US International Trade Commission last year imposing an import ban against iFit and Peloton.

Dish had accused iFit and Peloton of infringing on its patent. Dish and Peloton later reached a $75 million settlement two months after the import ban was imposed.

iFit and Dish and have been entangled in a lawsuit since 2021. Dish initially filed a lawsuit against iFit in the Delaware federal court in 2021. In September 2023, it later filed another lawsuit in Delaware against the fitness equipment maker.

Infringing On Patent Rights

The lawsuit accused iFit of violating its technology patent rights. It has also criticized the equipment maker for changing the quality of the streaming video in relation to the internet speed, which Dish deems to be a violation of its business.

The International Trade Commission has sided with Dish on the violation of its patent rights. After a judge ruled that iFit and Peloton violated Dish’s streaming patents. These lawsuits might affect the ability of iFit to offer fitness and streaming, which is paramount for fitness enthusiasts looking for connected experiences.

While Peloton settled the import ban, the company is scaling back on fully outsourced manufacturing. The company also witnessed massive demand during the pandemic, and it has been restructuring to keep up with the changing environment.

Last year, the company also said it had changed its streaming technology to keep up with the changing legal framework. New technology updates would be deployed through regular periodic updates, the same way that electronic equipment makers and software developers release updates to their technologies.

Last year, following the import ban, Peloton informed a news outlet that it did not believe that its streaming technology infringed on the patent rights held by Dish. The company also said that it was exploring other options, with the main focus being on providing the best member experiences.

A Wide-Reaching Lawsuit

Dish is not new to lawsuits regarding patents. In September 2023, Dish and its subsidiary Sling TV filed a lawsuit against streaming service provider Vidgo. Accusing it of infringing on its streaming technology.

The patents in question apply to content streaming. Which involves sending video data over the internet with varying connection speeds. The lawsuit was similar to the one filed against iFit and another streaming site, Fubo.

In the lawsuit against Fubo, Dish initially notified the company about the infringement in May 2019. For several months, Dish held discussions with Fubo executive David Yoon. Just to assess whether the company was open to securing a license for its adaptive bitrate technology.

However, Fubo later turned down the talks about a license saying it did not need it and would pursue other options. Dish filed the lawsuit against Fubo shortly after the streaming firm turned down talks about the license.

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