Dean Zelinsky has issued another Dimebag Guitarz tease – and it looks like the Stealth is returning

Dean Zelinsky has issued another Dimebag Guitarz tease – and it looks like the Stealth is returning

The long-awaited return of Dimebag Darrell’s signature guitars is edging ever-closer, and now thanks to yet another tease from Dean Zelinsky – the man charged with bringing the late Pantera legend’s models back – it seems as though plans for guitars’ triumphant return are grander than we first thought.

Zelinsky, the founder of Dean Guitars and owner of Dean Zelinsky Private Label, has been rather forthcoming with the return of Dimebag’s guitars over the past few months. Back in January he posted a picture of a Razorback, along with the not-so-cryptic hint that he was “working on it”.

That was enough to send the rumor mill into overdrive, with many commenters theorizing Zelinsky – the man who worked closely with Dimebag for his initial signature guitars – was indeed reviving the Razorback after Dimebag’s estate sued Dean Guitars.

Said rumors were all but confirmed in a later tease that seemingly showed off the new “Dimebag Guitarz” brand name and logo.

But it looks as though the Razorback – a spiky, modified version of the original Dean ML that Dimebag designed shortly before his death – isn’t the only six-string that’s getting a reboot.

In a now-deleted story (spotted, saved and shared by YouTuber and Solar Guitars founder Ola Englund) Zelinsky showed the body of what appeared to be a Stealth.

The Stealth’s return will no doubt be a highly popular development among Dimebag fans, and one that – in hindsight – seemed perfectly reasonable, perhaps even expected.

After all, there would be no Razorback without the Stealth or the ML. That latter model was first designed in 1977 by Zelinsky himself and would later be popularized by the Pantera guitarist, whose “Dean From Hell” variation of the guitar is one of the most famous six-strings in heavy metal history.

The signature Stealth – which was actually a Washburn model at first – was modeled after the Dean ML, and while not as radical as the later, ultra-pointy Razorback from ‘04, still gave the original template a subtle sharper, angular overhaul.

As such, the Stealth marks a key bridge point between the standard ML and the Razorback, and its inclusion in the upcoming Dimebag Guitarz catalog is certainly a welcome one.

But the Stealth that has been teased by Zelinsky isn’t just notable for this reason alone – instead, the all-new reboot seems to be sporting a laser-etched snakeskin body effect, not too dissimilar to the aesthetics of some of Zelinsky’s other Private Label creations.

We know both a Razorback and Stealth are in the works over at Dimebag Guitarz, but it’s also possible that completely all-new designs are also in the pipeline, too. 

After all, when Dimebag’s estate sued Dean and announced their intentions to produce his guitars elsewhere, a statement from Rita Haney (Dimebag’s longterm girlfriend and estate trustee – referenced “Darrell’s guitar notes, lists, letters, and drawings (some not yet released),” and noted they wanted to “see Dime’s words followed through and to have his legacy reach the level he intended.”

An official announcement is still yet to be made from Zelinsky or anyone else regarding the new brand, so keep your eyes peeled on Dean Zelinsky’s Instagram page for future teases and updates.

The Stealth isn’t the only piece of Dimebag gear that’s set to be reissued. Last month, it was announced Dimebag’s signature Warhead amp will be returning this year.

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