DC’s Blue Beetle May Have a Sequel Already Planned

DC’s Blue Beetle May Have a Sequel Already Planned

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Superhero fans have a while to wait for DC’s newest slate of films, coming under the guidance of new co-CEOs Peter Safran and James Gunn. In the meantime, there’s Blue Beetle, a film brought over from the previous era of DC, now potentially set up as a part of the ongoing reinvention of DC’s cinematic universe. The film’s success would send a clear message: DC’s new leads are on the right track, and it’s a good idea to give audiences more Blue Beetle.

First reactions to the new film look positive, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And Gunn has left no mystery about what the future of the character looks like. According to CBR, Gunn has posted that although Superman: Legacy will be “the first DC Studios movie” (what appears to be the new umbrella term, along with “DCU,” in comparison to the previous regime’s “DCEU“), Blue Beetle will continue on within that framework after the origin movie released on August 18.

The film’s star envisions a long-term life for the character as well. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Xolo Maridueña (who plays the lead character, Jaime Reyes) says, “I want to do 12 more years of Blue Beetle.” If fans decide the film is worth watching, we very well may see Blue Beetle pop up in future DC projects, or even get another film of his own to continue his own solo story. As the film has on just been released, it’s hard to tell what the future holds, but we can make a decent guess as to the character’s longevity.

Will There Be a Blue Beetle Sequel?

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Maybe. At the end of the film, there’s a window left open for a potential sequel. After Jaime has saved his family and destroyed the sinister plans of Kord Industries, the film’s post-credit scene hints to a supposedly dead character making a return.

Ted Kord, the former head of Kord, disappeared, leaving his sister to take over the reins of the business and use the company’s resources for nefarious means (which Jaime then disrupts). Ted Kord desperately wanted to be a vigilante after discovering the blue scarab (the one now bound to Jaime). The scarab wouldn’t bind with him, though, so he instead created various weapons and tech to become a hero in his own right, which Jaime’s family later used to help save him from Kord Industries.

At the end of the film, there’s a post-credits scene where we see Ted Kord may not be dead after all, and a portrait of him is shown. Nothing official has been said about the future of Blue Beetle or any potential future characters in Jaime’s storyline, but if there’s anywhere for the hero’s storyline to go, it’s bound to be a meetup of the scarab’s biggest fan and Jaime, who will by then have a pretty strong bond with the scarab. As the first Blue Beetle focused on someone trying to steal Jaime’s power, a sequel probably won’t follow the same arc, so it remains to be seen what DC has in store for Jaime.

As soon as there’s news about Blue Beetle‘s future, we’ll have you updated.

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