Cultivate Serenity: Gardening for Migraine Relief

Cultivate Serenity: Gardening for Migraine Relief

WebMD’s migraine blogger Michele Jordan loves to garden. She has turned her yard into a “useful garden” where she grows things like lavender and lemon balm that help her when she has a migraine. Read more to find out what other plants she’s growing and how the act of gardening itself helps her reduce stress. 

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Video Transcript

MICHELE JORDAN: I have become very interested in gardening. I can’t say that I have a green thumb yet. Maybe it’s light green. But I’ve been interested in finding ways to grow things that can help with my migraines, so I’m growing lemon balm in the garden, which has some calming properties. I do grow lavender as well, and I’m learning how to harvest and dry lavender, which also has some stress-relieving properties if made into an essential oil.

And so I’ve really been studying and researching that a little bit more because you get the benefit of working in a garden and having some kind of stress-relief through the gardening practice, but also can grow things that may help with migraines. So it’s like a two-for-one.

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