Cops Say Cam Newton, 7V7 Brawl Combatants Didn’t Want To Press Charges After Fight

Cops Say Cam Newton, 7V7 Brawl Combatants Didn’t Want To Press Charges After Fight

Cam Newton
Cops On 7v7 Brawl …
No One Wanted To Press Charges After Fight

2/28/2024 3:46 PM PT

It appears Cam Newton and the rest of the combatants involved in the brawl at a youth football tournament last weekend will not be facing jail time for their roles in the scuffle … ’cause cops say none of the participants want to pursue criminal charges against one another.

According to police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, the fight erupted at around 2 PM on Sunday during a 7-on-7 event in Atlanta.

Officers at the scene wrote in the docs they don’t know why it all started … but at least one cop recognized right away that Newton was involved due to “his hat and hairstyle.”

Another officer stated in the docs he saw two males “grabbing and pushing” Newton … and he raced over to break things up.

However, once the dust settled … the officer wrote that nobody asked for medical assistance — and furthermore, no one wanted to see anyone go to jail.

“Neither Mr. Newton or any of the other involved persons who remained on scene indicated that they required medical attention or wished to pursue criminal charges,” the Atlanta Police Department said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

“The responding officers completed an information only incident report to document what had occurred. At this time, it is unknown how or why the scuffle occurred.”

As we reported … two men who say they were involved in the tiff told Fox News Digital they believe Newton started it all with a whole lot of trash talk.

For Newton’s part, he’s yet to publicly comment on the matter.

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