Top altcoin project InQubeta (QUBE) has raised over $2.2 million early in its presale, while Cardano’s struggles continue with a 13% price decline in the last few weeks. 2023 hasn’t been a good year for the Cardano project as prices failed to enjoy substantial growth despite other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) growing by as much as 80% at some point. The recent market crash only made things worse for the Cardano projects as prices bottom out. 

InQubeta is a solution-based cryptocurrency project that focuses on increasing access to artificial intelligence (AI) investments by using a crowdfunding approach. Making investing easier in AI sends more capital into the AI sphere, helping to advance the technology. 

Cardano was once dubbed the most likely project to someday replace Ethereum, thanks to the functionality and efficiency of its blockchain. Still, recent Ethereum updates have removed most of its advantages over its rival, like a more efficient proof-of-work protocol. 

Top altcoin InQubeta (QUBE) raises over $2.2 million as presale defies bearish markets

Bearish cryptocurrency markets haven’t been able to slow down the momentum of the InQubeta presale as it emerges as one of the best cryptos to buy thanks to the price structure of the event putting investors in place to increase their investment by up to 400% depending on how early they join. 

InQubeta’s much-needed solution that opens up AI investment to regular people has been another factor driving its success. Traditional investment avenues often have discriminatory requirements that prevent about 90% of the global population from using their services. Such systems stifle the flow of capital to corporations that need it while hoarding investment prospects for the world’s elite. 

Thanks to the QUBE network’s solution, anyone wanting to be part of the AI revolution only needs a cryptocurrency wallet to acquire part ownership of AI firms that might end up shaking up industries. 

A new way to invest

Companies have to pass InQubeta’s initial evaluation to be granted access to its NFT creation area and marketplace. These companies fundraise by making equity-based ERC20 coins denoting their operations’ equity. It’s a win-win situation for both parties since firms get more capital while investors get non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the blockchain equivalent of stocks. 

The value of the NFTs sold on the marketplace are based on the sum of each startup’s intangible and tangible assets. Some of these tokens also give investors bonus rewards like discounts or a share of future profits. 

Investors can also invest directly in the InQubeta network by buying and holding $QUBE. A 1.5 billion token supply limit and burn taxes encourage the long-term price expansion of $QUBE, especially given their currently undervalued. 

Cardano (ADA) investors search for more profitable investments

Cardano was once one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, but prices have been consistently trending downward since the 2022 market crash. Many in the crypto space still believe the project has the potential to enjoy significant growth. Thanks to its ongoing development efforts and technological foundations. 

Cardano’s research-driven development philosophy sets it apart from many top altcoins. And it already has a thriving ecosystem that supports various decentralized applications, gaming applications, and NFT marketplaces. 

While Cardano still has the potential to enjoy substantial growth in the next few years. The investors are becoming impatient as more profitable options like InQubeta emerge. 


InQubeta has already been established as one of the top altcoins in the crypto space. As it opens up investment opportunities in AI while pushing the technology’s advancement. The platform has more growth potential than most cryptocurrency projects, thanks to the increasing viability of AI. And the $1.5 trillion expected to be directed to AI firms by 2030. 

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