Cam’ron & Mase’s Sports Talk Show Scores 8-Figure Deal With Underdog Fantasy

Cam’ron & Mase’s Sports Talk Show Scores 8-Figure Deal With Underdog Fantasy

Cam’ron and Mase have struck a lucrative eight-figure deal with Underdog Fantasy for their sports talk show It Is What It Is. On August 21, the Harlem rap veterans announced on Instagram, expressing their gratitude to Underdog Fantasy for recognizing the value of their show. 

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Analyzing Sports With a Hip-Hop Twist

It Is What It Is, hosted by Cam’ron and Mase, is a unique sports talk show that offers a fresh perspective on the world of sports. With their background as New York rappers, Cam’ron and Mase bring a unique flavor to the show, merging their passion for hip-hop and sports. 

The show covers various topics, including NBA and NFL games, athlete interviews, and sports analysis. The duo provides their audience with insightful commentary, engaging discussions, and a touch of humor. 

Cam’ron and Mase’s sports talk show has found a new home with Underdog Fantasy. The exact financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed, but it is reported to be an eight-figure agreement. Underdog Fantasy, known for its innovative approach to fantasy sports, has previously partnered with professional athletes like former NBA player Gilbert Arenas

The partnership will kick off in September, coinciding with the start of the 2023 NFL season, and will extend for 18 months.

The Hosts Express Appreciation & Excitement 

Cam’ron and Mase expressed their appreciation and excitement for the new partnership. Cam took to social media to thank Nicholas Green, Underdog Fantasy’s representative, for recognizing their show’s value. Cam’ron said, “Thank you Nick. 

We appreciate you seeing the true value of It is What it Is.” The former Dipset member also shouted out his co-host Mase on the deal and is ready for the partnership to start.

“Yo @rsvpmase now we even. It’s ya go again. Pause lol. All jokes aside thank you for everything. Now let’s go kĩll these n*ggas! @itiswhatitis_talk BIG HARLEM!! THE BIGEST!!! PAWS And thank you @underdogfantasy.”

With this deal, they are prepared to conquer the sports talk show landscape and deliver engaging content to their dedicated fans. Fans can still watch the show on the Come and Talk 2 Me YouTube channel.


In other news regarding Harlem and Dipset rapper Cam’ron, he partnered with MTV on a new homemaker show called Hip Hop My House. In the show, Cam’ron will assist fans in decorating their houses while dedicating a portion of the space to his personal touch.  

Mase has also made business a priority in the past. Mase recently used Tik Tok to recruit new artists to join his label, RichFish. In the video, Mase encouraged aspiring artists to prioritize financial stability in their careers and took a subtle jab at Diddy by suggesting that artists don’t need someone “dancing all in your videos.”

Lil Wayne: Undisputed 

In other sports news, rap legend Lil Wayne is set to become a co-host on the popular sports debate show, Undisputed, alongside sports commentator and journalist Skip Bayless. Lil Wayne will provide unique insights on Fridays, brightening the show with his presence for a 12 to 15-minute segment.

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