Breaking Down $360,000,000 Aaron Judge’s Brand Endorsements

Breaking Down $360,000,000 Aaron Judge’s Brand Endorsements

The New York Mets may be the highest-paying MLB team in 2023 but players from other teams also rank among most lucrative contract lists. Be it Max Scherzer of the Texas Rangers or Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros, there are a few players who earn almost the same as the entire Oakland Athletics’ payroll in the 2023 season. Not to mention a certain Japanese sensation. Shohei Ohtani has cemented his reputation near the top of the league, bumping Aaron Judge down a few places, both in stats and earnings.

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Nevertheless, the New York Yankees captain has a nine-year, $360 million deal to keep him afloat and mark his reputation as the highest-paid position player in MLB history. Furthermore, the reigning AL MVP has been touted by brands ever since his minor league days and his endorsement game is flourishing. But what exactly are the brands that the Judge is an ambassador for? And how much does he earn from them?

Total Earnings of Yankees Captain Aaron Judge


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In addition to his annual earnings from the Yankees, Judge also serves as an ambassador for many a brand. Back in 2022, he bet on himself and stayed in New York with his desired paycheck numbers. An investor had some words of advice on how the captain could avoid losing his earnings, and the answer lay in endorsements.

Calculating his income from on-the-field as well as off-the-field sources, it ranks close to $44.5 million.


What Brands Does Aaron Judge Endorse?

Judge was a star long before he became the AL MVP and then the Yankees’ 16th franchise captain. Right from his minor league days, brands approached him for deals and one of them was Under Armour. Back in 2017, a year after All-Rise made his MLB debut, the Baltimore-based apparel, footwear, and fitness technology company tried to negotiate a long-term deal with the slugger.

New York Yankees Star Aaron Judge Made Big Money From Major Endorsement Deals in

Then in 2022, the 6’7″ outfielder teamed up with Tall Order, as well as a partner its partner, United Legwear & Apparel Co. (ULAC). Tall Order specializes in classic, dress, and athletic socks, plus underwear and tees of all sizes. According to PR Newswire, Judge’s focus was on footwear “that provided the comfort, ankle support and stabilization needed for on-field play, while also fitting size 17 feet.”

Over the years, the Yankee has also endorsed a variety of names like Hulu, Pepsi, Jersey Mike’s, JBL, Oakley, Bloomingdale’s, Esurance, T-Mobile, Fanatics, FanJolt, WIN Reality, Topps, Rawlings, Franklin, Sorare MLB, A SHOC Energy, and Waiakea. Not to mention, his various shoe deals, including Adidas and Jordan Brand.

How Much Does the AL Home Run King Make in Endorsements?

Sportico ranked the slugger’s earnings at $4 million at the beginning of the year. But according to Forbes, Judge has an estimated income of $4.5 million off the field in endorsements.

What Was All Rise’s First Major Endorsement, and How Much Did He Get From It?

Judge’s contract with Under Armour ultimately ended in 2018. Coming off of a Rookie of the Year award, Judge signed a multi-year deal with Pepsi, MLB’s official drink back then. Although Coca-Cola has now taken over, Pepsi still deals with the league. The terms of the contract, first reported by ESPN, were never disclosed.

Yankees Captain’s Latest Endorsement With Nike’s Air Jordans

Michael Jordan and his eponymous brand have become the go-to for athletes across multiple sports. MLB’s list is still a bit short because NBA stars populate it, but it boasts some popular baseball names, too. Much like his predecessor, Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge is also associated with the basketball legend now.


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Judge took fans through a rollercoaster of questions after sporting both Nike and Adidas last season. But the Air Jordan endorsement can be said with finality. Other MLB names on the Jordan Brand list include Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Mookie Betts.

How Much Is Judge Supposed to Make by the End of This Year?

After a brief foray into free agency, Judge will now be a Yankee for life. His 9-year contract runs through his age-39 season, which will most likely allow him to retire in Pinstripes. By then, his annual on-field $40 million earnings will stay the same, although the income will probably increase based on his off-the-field activities.


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As of 2023, however, the number is expected to stay more or less static. Only time will tell what more brand endorsements come his way in the next years!

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