Bluey Makes Her Video Game Debut On Switch This November

Bluey Makes Her Video Game Debut On Switch This November

For real life

Outright Games has today announced that Bluey: The Videogame is set to bring the award-winning TV series to Switch on 17th November.

Revealed as an “interactive sandbox adventure”, this one will see you playing as Bluey, Bingo, Chilli and Bandit (there’s four-person multiplayer to get the whole family involved) as you explore locations from the show, play minigames such as ‘Keepy Uppy’ and ‘Magic Xylophone’, and dive into a brand-new four-part storyline — and we’ll never say no to more Bluey.

All of this is accompanied by voice work from the show’s English-speaking cast and several tracks from Joff Bush’s original score will also be making an appearance.

It might not be the most groundbreaking concept, but this sounds like a sweet way to welcome young fans into the world of video games. There are a good number of accessibility features included to make this transition even easier including an on/off toggle for the UI and simple on-screen instructions accompanying the voiceover.

The above trailer gives a pretty good idea of what’s in store for this one, but you can check out even more screenshots from Outright Games below.

If Bluey has somehow not managed to enter your life yet, you should check it out (seriously, it’s adorable). The video game is undoubtedly leaning towards a younger audience, but it is looking sweet enough from what we have seen so far.

Will you be picking up Bluey: The Videogame in November? Bark your thoughts in the comments.

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