Blue Essence Emporium returns to LoL!

Blue Essence Emporium returns to LoL!

After being delayed for a week, the Blue Essence Emporium will be on the live servers starting on September 6. Get ready to pick up some special skins with your Blue Essence.

LoL Blue Essence Emporium returns

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Blue Essence Emporium – What is it?

The Blue Essence Emporium is a special shop that gives players the opportunity to purchase some LoL in-game content without spending money. All the items can be bought through Blue Essence, which is a free in-game currency that is earned by playing the game.

In other words, it’s the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t into spending much money to get access to special skins, emotes, and more. The shop was first added in season 8, which means this is the fifth year we’re getting the BE Emporium. And after a long hiatus, the shop is finally back.

When is the Blue Essence Emporium available?

The Blue Essence Emporium was confirmed to be live on September 6 at 22:00 CET. While it was initially supposed to be released with the LoL Patch 13.17, it was later pushed back by a week. The shop will be open until September 20, 2023, at 22:00 CET, for a total of two weeks.

Usually, Riot Games implements the shop once every six months. One is usually in the mid-year and the other takes place in the pre-season. Starting this year, however, things might change, especially considering the fact that pre-season has been pushed back to January.

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What does the shop offer?

The contents of the Essence Emporium have been basically the same since its introduction. The most expensive item is the free Urfwick skin which can be picked up for 150,000 Blue Essence. The other items available are:

  • 1,500 BE – Mystery icons (Does not include esports icons, may contain Mystery Mini Icons)
  • 1,000 BE – Chromas
  • 2,500 BE – Mystery Exclusive Champie Icons
  • 4,000 BE – Baron Poro Hat Icon
  • 4,900 BE – Mystery wards (guaranteed to be a ward skin you don’t already own)
  • 6,000 BE – Essence Collector Ward
  • 10,000 BE – Certain League Partner Program Chromas
  • 25,000 BE – But Why? Emote
  • 50,000 BE – Make It Rain Emote
  • 50,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone Knight Icon
  • 75,000 BE – Moneybags Emote
  • 75,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone Prince Icon
  • 100,000 BE – Gemstone + Gemstone King Icon
  • 150,000 BE – URFWick skin

Compared to previous years, we are getting a few extra items that will also allow veteran players to get additional rewards and items. There will also be a wide variety of chromas and champie icons so make sure to get your champion shards ready. Now that Riot Games has implemented the mass disenchant, there will be no need to grind hours to do it manually.

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