Bitboy Crypto Frontman Hits Back at Ousting

Bitboy Crypto Frontman Hits Back at Ousting


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  • Former Bitboy Crypt frontman Ben Armstrong has countered relapse allegations, claiming a his colleagues have partaken in a coup
  • Armstrong’s ejection from his company this week followed claims of substance abuse and harm to employees
  • Armstrong has denied all the allegations and claimed that the brand will suffer without him

The former frontman of the Bitboy Crytpo YouTube channel, Ben Armstrong, has hit back at claims from his cohorts that he has relapsed, framing his ousting as a coup. Armstrong, whose contract with BJ Investment Holdings was terminated this week, said that claims of his drug relapse were “factually incorrect” and were manipulated by two other individuals at the company so that they could take over the brand. Armstrong has yet to make a formal statement on the matter, with the comments coming during a Discord chat.

Armstrong Was Removed by CEO

Armstrong is reviled by many in the crypto space for his willingness to promote anything to newcomers to the space in return for a hefty fee and for promising to help investors “get rich quick”.

His followers were stunned yesterday, however, when he was unceremoniously booted from his own company, with two other members of the team, Justin Williams and Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd, explaining how he had been removed following a “relapse into substance abuse” as well as the “emotional, physical and financial damage he has done to the employees of Hit network & the Bitboy Crypto community.”

“Diabolical” Plot to Oust Armstrong

In the Discord chat, Armstrong denied that he had relapsed, calling the claims “a lie” and accusing Williams and Shedd of fabricating the story, asserting that he takes diet pills with a valid prescription, which the pair have twisted in order to remove him. While Armstrong admitted to using steroids like testosterone and dianabol, he labeled the situation as “diabolical” and “insane,” suggesting a plot to remove him from the company.

Armstrong also said that never acted violently towards coworkers barring one exception when he “threatened to beat the crap out of TJ when I found out that he was trying to take everything from me,” adding, “He’s trying to strip every single thing from me.” The former frontman also claimed that “All of our major sponsors have already pulled out,” suggesting, as many supporters have, that the brand will suffer with him gone.

Hit Network Denies Sticks to Its Guns

Hit Network has stuck to its guns in the aftermath of the saga, with one employee telling Decrypt that Armstrong’s judgment was impaired due to a “cocktail of substances” rather than prolonged abuse of a particular drug.

The employee added that they themselves had been physically threatened by Armstrong, adding that conflict had been going on for many months. The employee also allegedly laughed at suggestions that major sponsors have pulled out, with the company suggesting on screen yesterday that it will go in a different direction following Armstrong’s departure.

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