Bigg Boss 14 January 17 episode LIVE UPDATES: Housemates celebrate Lohri

Last week, Bigg Boss 14 witnessed the most emotional eviction of the season. Jasmin Bhasin left the house as she received the least number of votes, and her eviction left the house as well as host Salman Khan in tears. Aly Goni, who had expressed his fondness for Bhasin, swore to play for himself and take revenge on those who nominated his ‘good friend’. Over the week, we saw him plotting against Rakhi Sawant.

This week, the audience also witnessed a new side of Sonali Phogat. After being nominated for eviction, Sonali did not leave a single chance to pick up a fight.

Another event that took place this week was Bigg Boss’ annulment of captaincy tasks.

This week, the housemates failed to complete any of the captaincy tasks successfully, due to which an irritated Bigg Boss took a harsh decision. Bigg Boss announced that there will be no more captaincy tasks this season. He told the contestants that they will have no opportunity to earn immunity throughout the season, and on top of that, they will have to earn their food. While Rakhi expressed joy on being the last captain of the season, other housemates were upset about the turn of events.


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22:44 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Preview of January 18 episode

In Monday’s episode, Bigg Boss team will take away all the ration of the house. Bigg Boss will announce that after 106 days in the show, Eijaz Khan will have to leave the house. The announcement leaves housemates in shock and tears.

22:43 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Sonali shares tips on Bigg Boss game with Rakhi

Sonali tells Rakhi that Rubina and Abhinav cosied up to her because she was the captain. Rakhi and Aly kiss and make up. Aly tells Nikki that he likes it when she is her bubbly self.

22:40 (IST)17 JAN 2021

No eviction today!

Salman Khan tells Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya, Sonali Phogat and Rahul Vaidya that there will be no eviction today, but they are still not out of danger. Salman informs that the four contestants will stay nominated for eviction next week too. The host tells the housemates, “You will face the most difficult week.”

22:38 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Salman to Nikki: You will face consequence in the outside world

Salman Khan tells Nikki Tamboli that she needs to think about the way she is playing the game. He says the housemates are right about her facing the consequences of her behaviour in the outside world.

22:21 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Housemates vote for the contestant who should walk out of Bigg Boss

Salman Khan asks housemates to vote for the contestant who should walk out of Bigg Boss today. Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Sonali Phogat and Rubina Dilaik have been nominated for eviction. Aly, Rakhi, Sonali and others vote for Nikki and state reasons to why she should be evicted today.

22:13 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Salman gives Rubina a wake-up call

Salman Khan says Rubina Dilaik is “disrespectful” with her gestures. Eijaz Khan explains the incident that took place earlier this week. Salman asks Abhinav Shukla to stay away from Rubina’s battles.

22:09 (IST)17 JAN 2021

It’s caller of the week time!

Caller of the week asks Abhinav Shukla what irked him about Eijaz Khan’s body language when he was conversing with Rubina Dilaik. The fan adds that Rubina needs no one to fight her battles on her behalf.

22:08 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Tulsi Kumar is here!

Tulsi Kumar is on the Bigg Boss stage to promote “Tanhai” song.

22:08 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Eijaz and Arshi call Rubina arrogant

Eijaz Khan and Arshi Khan call Rubina Dilaik arrogant for spitting out the spicy laddu. Nikki Tamboli and Abinav Shukla also make Rubina understand that her move was wrong.

21:54 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Sargun promotes Udariyaan

Sargun Mehta launches new Colors TV show Udariyaan on Bigg Boss stage.

21:53 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Rubina and Nikki get most votes

Salman Khan congratulates Rubina Khan and Nikki Tamboli for getting maximum votes in ‘Fareb’ task.

21:47 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Sargun and Harrdy assign ‘Fareb’ task

Sargun and Harrdy ask contestants to share who has hurt their feelings or deceived them. The housemates will feed spicy laddoos to contestants who have hurt their feelings or deceived them. Nikki picks Rahul to eat the laddoo. Arshi wants Rubina to eat the laddoo. However, Rubina refuses to eat, which irks Salman. Eijaz says Rakhi took advantage of his goodness during the captaincy task. Aly targets Nikki.

21:39 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Sargun admits to being a Bigg Boss fan

Sargun Mehta says she has watched all the seasons of Bigg Boss. Sargun shares a special message for Aly Goni from her husband Ravi Dubey. Harrdy also shares he got emotional when Jasmin was evicted.

Sargun greets Rakhi and tells her she is an entertainer. The actor shares with Salman how Rakhi is a great human being, and always the first to greet them on every festival.

21:35 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Harrdy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta are here!

Harrdy Sandhu and Sargun Mehta are here to promote their song “Titliaan Warga”.

21:34 (IST)17 JAN 2021

I am a born fighter: Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant says people in the house suggest she is being fake in the show. She says, “I am a born fighter. I am weak in the matter of the heart. I respect Abhinav and Rubina’s bond, and I really like looking at them. I want my husband to be like Abhinav. They are jealous of my equation with Abhinav. Now, I am going to become Rakhi Sawant they never saw before.”

21:33 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Abhinav: I thought patience was my strongest part

Abhinav Shukla says people took advantage of his patience. He says, “Whosoever will misbehave with me and my wife, especially Rahul, will get a befitting reply from now on.”

21:26 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Nikki: Housemates have instigated me to behave rude

Nikki Tamboli says housemates have instigated her to behave rude in the show. Nikki promises to control the way she behaves in the show, but will not stop responding to someone’s misbehaviour.

21:25 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Eijaz didn’t reciprocate respect: Arshi

Arshi Khan says she is emotional and gets attached to people. In reference to Eijaz Khan, she adds he never showed respect to her as much as she did. Eijaz says he has given her the benefit of doubt, which has been taken for granted.

21:21 (IST)17 JAN 2021

Housemates let go off their weakness

Salman Khan asks housemates to let go off their weakness by celebrating Lohri.

21:20 (IST)17 JAN 2021

As Aly and Sonali perform, Salman joins in

Aly Goni and Sonali Phogat perform on “Dhadke Dil Baar Baar”. An excited Salman Khan shows the hook-step of the song from the stage.

Bigg Boss viewers also witnessed an unfortunate exit from the house. Due to medical reasons, Vikas Gupta was asked to exit the house.

“Keeping in mind his health, Vikas Gupta was sent out of the show on medical grounds. While most contestants who exit this way are given a chance to come back, the same cannot be said about him. Firstly, the quarantine system is quite strict given the pandemic, and also Vikas has already received two chances. It would thus be unfair on other contestants, but the makers have still not decided on his comeback,” a source told

In an interview with, Jasmin Bhasin opened up on her relationship with Aly. She said, “It’s not like one fine day we woke up thinking we were in love. It has always been there but we never accepted it. We always had a mutual understanding to not complicate things between us or risk our friendship. However, when we were apart, emotions overpowered all logic. We decided to stop living in denial and accept our feelings. And now it’s just beautiful.”

When asked if marriage is on the cards, Bhasin said, “It will happen but it’s a very big decision. Once Aly is out, we’ll sit and discuss things. We will also have to get our families together, and then go ahead with whatever is best for us.”

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