Bigg Boss 14 day 135: Rubina says, ‘Jasmin, Rakhi hurt my feelings on the show’

The task for fulfilling wishes of the contestants continued as the Bigg Boss 14 episode began on Thursday. Nikki Tamboli was offered 6 lakh that she could take and quit the show. The amount would also be deducted from the show’s prize money if Nikki decided to take it and quit. However, she did not want to leave the show at this point and announced her decision.

Rahul Vaidya and Rakhi Sawant were then seen having a small fight over the household chores. Soon, Rakhi asked him if his new-found friendship with Rubina Dilaik was genuine. When Rahul tried to explain that he just wanted to keep things cordial as the show is nearing its end. However, Rakhi said they often fought earlier and it looks fake, now that Rubina and Rahul are being friendly with each other.

Rubina then said, “Is pure season me sirf do logo ne mera dil dukhaya – Jasmin Bhasin aur Rakhi. Maine apni taraf se dono ko let go kiya. Rahul ke saath to jhagde the, kabhi dil dukhane wali baat hi nahi hui (Only two people have hurt my feelings in this entire season – Jasmin and Rakhi. And I let go of any ill feelings with them as well. Rahul and I only had fights, he never hurt me).”

Asked if Bigg Boss had asked them to be cordial, Rubina told Rakhi, “It is about your own personality, what you want to show. Imagine you were on your death-bed. Wouldn’t you want to end all relations on a good note? We are nearing towards the end of our Bigg Boss lives, we decided we would like to be cordial now. And, should I keep pouncing on him for no reason or rational?”

Aly Goni talks to his mom via video call.
Aly Goni talks to his mom via video call. (Colors)

Bigg Boss then fulfiled the wishes of Aly, Rakhi and Rubina – Aly got to see his newborn-niece and Rubina got to perform the pahadi dance form, ‘nati’. Rakhi also got to eat pizza and Bigg Boss even treated all the contestants to pizza.

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