Batman Arkham Trilogy Is Bringing The Caped Crusader To Switch This October

Batman Arkham Trilogy Is Bringing The Caped Crusader To Switch This October

First try

After being revealed at the June Nintendo Direct showcase, we now know that Batman Arkham Trilogy will be bringing the Caped Crusader to Switch on 13th October.

The package will consist of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, and Batman Arkham Knight and is also set to bundle each games’ DLC in there with it too — how nice! If you are after the physical release, it’s worth bearing in mind that only one title in the trio — Arkham Asylum — will be appearing on the game card, requiring you to download the other two.

This date was revealed in an official tweet from Nintendo, which promised that we will soon be able to “Experience Gotham City in a whole new way” and revealed some sweet new artwork.

If you are looking at that date thinking, “hmm, isn’t something else coming out in October too?”, you would be correct. In fact, the month is looking really rather stacked with the likes of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1, Detective Pikachu Returns and many more coming our way in the neat 30-day window — our poor wallets…

Will Batman Arkham Trilogy make it into your October purchases? Swoop down to the comments and let us know.


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