As a follower on social media one needs to understand whatever we see is not the whole truth: Chhavi Mittal

Becoming a mother is fulfilling and also a job which is full of responsibility. For some, it becomes a path to success. For Youtuber-influencer (Shitty Ideas Trending and Being Woman with Chhavi) and content curator Chhavi Mittal it came as a way to help others with her experiences of motherhood. She started a channel, which is a one-stop destination for all things motherhood. When she became a mother the second time around, she realised lots of moms have the same questions as she did. “It might just help someone. There were a lot of questions mothers were asking and it wasn’t possible to write it down on a blog. Also, a lot of them don’t like to read. So video was a good medium. I got a really good response. My intention was to help them and not to make them feel inferior. If I’m on social media and followed by even a thousand people then we should take responsibility that we don’t say things that might hurt people and are adding value,” she says.

With being an influencer, comes a lot of criticism and troll comments. Dealing with it can make one anxious and slow down. “It is not imp to be on social media it is best if you can stay away. Everybody on social media has a voice, which makes an impact in one way or another. If you are strong enough to not let these voices affect you then it is a beautiful place to be in. But you have to be strong enough. One can differentiate between who is a troll and who is giving you genuine criticism. Trolls should be avoided, should be ignored, their intention is to ignite a negative streak in you and not to be replied to,”she confesses.

She also believes if there are responsible content curators like her then even a follower should be cautious of somethings. “A lot of people are projecting a good life on social media. But it is not the only fact and may not be the whole truth. Everyone has ups and downs in life but may not be comfortable in sharing those, so what we see are good moments of someone’s life because someone is projecting that. As a follower on social media one needs to understand whatever we see on social media is not the whole truth,” says Mittal.

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