AP: The only paved road out of Lahaina was barricaded and cars sent back

AP: The only paved road out of Lahaina was barricaded and cars sent back

This is a pretty horrible story but no one will have to take responsibility for it. According to the AP, citizens of Lahaina in Maui trying to escape the wildfires were met with a barricade at Highway 30, the only paved way out of town. The AP shares stories of those who survived: one family swerved around the barricade to safety, while another drove their 4-wheel-drive car down a dirt road to safety.

According to a report by AP, the only road out of Lahaina was barricaded.

Only those who disobeyed survived. pic.twitter.com/uQNNZ806RZ

— Dr. Benjamin Braddock (@GraduatedBen) August 23, 2023


— Dr. Benjamin Braddock (@GraduatedBen) August 23, 2023


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 23, 2023

Good lord, this is worse than Uvalde, how do police sleep at night

— Bjorn Ironskull (@BjornIronSkull) August 23, 2023

Seems normal to barricade roads during a fire to prevent people from leaving. I’m sure it’s nothing…

— KazakMedved (@Kazak_Medved) August 23, 2023

“Only those who disobeyed survived.”

Remember that.

— Midwest Mom (@badlibtakes) August 23, 2023

Trusting government is getting dangerous

— Being Libertarian (@beinlibertarian) August 23, 2023

I’ve gone around barricades just to save myself 10 minutes of driving time. The hell if I’m not going around them to save my family.

— The OttO Show (@The0tt0Show) August 23, 2023

If the government says to go this way…. I’m going the opposite.

— Granny X (@freedom_scribe) August 23, 2023

Seems like every single action the government of Hawaii took was to ensure people burned alive there

I don’t really know what to make of that

— Lucy Jane (@scourthehorse) August 23, 2023

At least the survivors can take solace knowing Joe Biden’s Corvette was undamaged.

I am starting to think competence is more important than equity and that any ideology that rejects competence creates horrible outcomes.

— scott moore (@heartofhonor231) August 23, 2023


All of the claims during the first week I thought were conspiracy theories have proven to be true

1. City officials turned off the water

2. No sirens were activated, no one was warned

3. People were blocked from evacuating the the area

Heads should roll for this.

— Patrick Leijon (Lay-yawn) (@PatriciusAcutus) August 24, 2023

As we said above, we don’t know of any heads rolling. The dude believing in water equity sure didn’t come out looking good.


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