Anubhav Sinha accuses BJP of plagiarising ‘Bambai Main Ka Ba’ song

Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has alleged that Bhartiya Janta Party has “blatantly” copied his rap song “Bambai Main Ka Ba” for its campaign for the upcoming Bihar election.

“Bambai Main Ka Ba” is crooned by Manoj Bajpayee, who also stars in the music video. Composed by Anurag Saikia and written by Dr Sagar, the Bhojpuri single, released last month, spoke about the struggles of migrant workers in big cities.

A similar-sounding song “Bihar Mein Ee Ba” was shared two days ago on the official Twitter handle of BJP Bihar. The song, which has the same tune as “Bambai Main Ka Ba”, however, has different lyrics highlighting the “progress” of the state under NDA government.

The Thappad director further wrote that BJP being the ruling party in the country is setting a “terrible” example by not respecting others’ intellectual property rights. “No one ever reached out to me for my permission. In an ideal world, this would cost money that they can easily afford. I am sure there was a reason why they didn’t.”

Lastly, the director mentioned that it’s not in his might to take the party to court, so he said it through social media, and only hoped that BJP supporters wouldn’t “troll him”.

“I am happy to believe this is an oversight of the senior members, and I am happy to let it go. Also, it is beyond my means and powers to take this to court. Yes. I had to say this. I only expect the courtesy that the supporters do not troll me for saying this. Thank you,” he concluded.

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