Ananya Panday: Lockdown has been an emotional rollercoaster

Ask Ananya Panday, who recently turned 22, to reveal one thing not many people know about her and she immediately says, “when I say I’m a serial chiller, I really am one”. And that is also what her bio on Instagram — with 15.3 million followers — reads. But what we do know about the young actor is that she is extremely talented and also has a super trendy take on fashion.

In an interview with , the Khaali Peeli actor got candid about her lockdown experience, fashion choices, fitness and also revealed her guilty indulgence!

You are also known for your versatile sartorial choices. How do you define your personal style?

No matter what I’m wearing, comfort is key. It can be a super glam gown or even sweat pants, I’ll be the happiest if I’m comfortable in it. I believe in less is more, and keeping it simple.

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You often give your fans a peek into your life through social media. How has the lockdown experience been for you?

It has been an emotional rollercoaster. There are days when I’m super happy and then there are days when I feel low and in a rut, but I’ve learned to embrace both sides of it. The lockdown has definitely taught me patience and made me realise that I don’t need much to be happy. I feel extra grateful for smaller things now too.

What is your guilty indulgence — clothes, shoes, bags, watches? What are you most comfortable in?

Shoes! Lots and lots of Skechers can definitely be termed my guilty pleasure. I’m most comfortable in a nice pair of jeans or shorts and a crop-top and, of course, some fun Skechers sneakers. I don’t believe in ever saying no, I feel you should always try something before you reject it. You never know, you could end up loving it and it could really suit you!

You recently gave us a peek into your yoga practice session. What does your daily fitness routine look like?

For me, working out has become more about the way I feel after; the happiness I get from a good session rather than trying to achieve some sort of body goal. I’ve recently discovered Yoga and fallen in love with it. I try to incorporate it in my everyday routine.

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How much do you think one’s footwear can break or make their look?

Shoes can completely make or break a look. Most times, I pick my outfit based on what sneakers I’m going to wear! For me, sneakers should be a balance between comfort and style – a bit of both.

You have also shared snippets of your quarantine cooking sessions; are you someone who spends time in the kitchen? And what does your daily diet chart and cheat day look like?

I don’t cook at all! I just loiter around in the kitchen when my sister is cooking and try to get my hands on some of the stuff she’s baking. I like eating healthy and clean all week. Then every Sunday is a cheat day which is filled with lots of cookies, pancakes, burgers, pasta – the list can just go on and on.

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If you had to pack for your holiday within a minute, what would you pick and why?

Shorts, loads of crop-tops, a pair of nice jeans, a cute summery dress, an oversized shirt/shirt and obviously, loads of sneakers to go with any look.

The pandemic has been a great learning experience for everyone; what has been your biggest learning during this time?

Patience and gratitude.

One thing not many people know about Ananya Panday?

When I say I’m a serial chiller, I really am one.

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