Aaron Rodgers crowns stadium shared with Giants ‘JetLife Stadium,’ ridicules Jihad Ward on ‘Hard Knocks’

Aaron Rodgers crowns stadium shared with Giants ‘JetLife Stadium,’ ridicules Jihad Ward on ‘Hard Knocks’

Aaron Rodgers crowns stadium shared with Giants 'JetLife Stadium,' ridicules Jihad Ward on 'Hard Knocks'

A roundup of A-Rod’s best moments in Episode 4

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Aaron Rodgers is less than two weeks away from making his anticipated Jets debut on “Monday Night Football.” In the meantime, the star quarterback returned to TV on Tuesday for Episode 4 of “Hard Knocks,” HBO and NFL Films’ annual training camp series.

Once again, Rodgers was the central character of the program, and this time, he showed a feistier side.

Here’s a roundup of A-Rod’s most notable moments from the show:

  • The broadcast of Rodgers’ recent preseason debut for Gang Green showed a brief, heated exchange between the QB and Giants pass rusher Jihad Ward. The latter can be seen giving Rodgers a shove after a pass on the QB’s first drive, but now we know what a frustrated Rodgers barked back: “What the f— is that? F—ing respect, bro. What the f— is that, five g—— steps? I don’t even know who you are, bro. I never heard of you.”
  • Ward apparently returned Rodgers’ banter by repeating the last insult — “I never heard of you” — only to find himself at the end of more Rodgers barbs once the Jets QB led a touchdown drive: “You f—— poked the bear!”
  • The QB also had some profane remarks for his friend and teammate, Randall Cobb, albeit in a joking manner after the veteran wideout got flagged for unnecessary roughness on a blindside block during the opening drive: “F—— Cobby just lost all his f—— training camp money! What are you doing, bro? This ain’t 2014!”
  • This one oughta go over well with the Giants fans: as the Jets secured a victory over the G-Men in their preseason finale, Rodgers gave MetLife Stadium a new name on the sidelines — “JetLife Stadium.” He repeated the moniker to fans on the way off the field.
  • Rodgers got a beard trim before his preseason debut, but he’s apparently very particular about where he gets that done: “I have certain people that can touch my hair,” he said straight-faced in the QB meeting room.
  • Conspiracy theory alert: after fellow QB Zach Wilson relayed social-media memes about Rodgers wearing corded headphones on the way into the Jets’ previous preseason game, the former MVP fired back: “You mean the ones that are saving my brain from all the harmful EMF emissions?” (He appears to be referencing previous social-media arguments that Apple’s wireless AirPods transmit harmful levels of radiation, of which there is no established evidence.)
  • Rodgers doesn’t appear to be pondering retirement at all going into his first season in New York. When a fan insisted at camp he can’t “retire anytime soon,” here was his response: “Why would I want to? I got too many fans.”

Rodgers and the Jets will return to “Hard Knocks” for the season finale on Sept. 5, two days before the 2023 opener.

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