A Woman Was Called a ‘Bad Mom’ Because of Her Tattoos, but What She Said Caused a Stir on the Internet

A Woman Was Called a ‘Bad Mom’ Because of Her Tattoos, but What She Said Caused a Stir on the Internet

“I’ve been told that my daughter would be embarrassed of me when she’s older.” A mom, who also holds the title of Britain’s most tattooed woman, opened up about her journey and explained why she believes having tattoos doesn’t affect her ability to be a good parent.

Meet Becky Holt.

Becky, a mother who proudly sports numerous tattoos, has faced criticism and judgment from others regarding her parenting abilities solely based on her appearance. She has been labeled a “bad mom” and told that her daughter would be embarrassed of her when she grows older. However, Becky strongly believes that her tattoos should not define her as a parent.

“I don’t see why having tattoos makes me any less of a parent than somebody who doesn’t have tattoos,” says Becky. In a video, she lovingly dresses her daughter and reflects on her parenting style. She prefers to keep things casual, avoiding the hassle of extravagant outfits for her child.

Motherhood has brought significant changes to her life.

Becoming a mother has ushered in profound transformations in her life, substituting late-night social gatherings with late-night baby feeds and diaper changes. Weekends have undergone a shift, now centered on enjoyable play dates and gatherings with fellow moms.

Becky, who began getting tattoos at the age of 15, speaks passionately about her inked journey. She admits that she has lost count of the total number of tattoos she has but mentions a substantial unfinished piece. Despite the negativity she encounters online and in public, she remains steadfast in her belief that her tattoos should not affect her role as a mother.

She doesn’t hide her tattoos when she’s with her daughter.

She refuses to cover up her tattoos around her daughter, emphasizing that she dresses respectfully as a mother but retains her personal style. If her daughter were to face judgment for her mother’s tattoos, Becky would encourage her to ignore it, reminding her that people will judge regardless of the situation.

Despite the criticism and societal pressures, Becky is not done with tattoos. She mentions her desire to have her tongue split, something she has contemplated for years. However, what stands out most about Becky is her dedication to motherhood. She is an exceptional mother, attentive and caring, and she takes pride in raising her daughter despite the stares and judgments she faces.

She firmly believes that having tattoos does not make her any less of a parent than someone without them.

In response to those who question her parenting abilities based on her appearance, Becky has a simple message: “Worry about yourself because I’m doing fine. Rory is amazing, and we’re both doing really, really well. I don’t think there are any issues in my parenting skills whatsoever.”

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