31 Onion Recipes Worth Shedding Tears Over

31 Onion Recipes Worth Shedding Tears Over

Onions are a cornerstone of our cooking—but how often are they actually the star? There’s a world of onions out there—red, white, Vidalia, pearl, and so many more—and when given the attention they deserve, these pantry staples can show off their broad range of flavors. From bracingly sharp when raw to silky-sweet when slowly cooked, these 31 recipes put onions on a well-deserved pedestal. Whether they’re frizzled crisp and scattered over a crunchy peanut-coated cabbage slaw or blitzed and melted into a rich, creamy curry, these dishes are worth getting onion breath over.

  • TomatoRoasted Onions With Paprika in a dutch oven placed on a yellow surface

    Tomato-Roasted Onions With So Much Paprika

    Onions can be a startling delight when they’re served as the main event. Here, a hot sear produces a glorious collection of complex flavors, and the gentle roast that follows renders the onions fully spoonable, soft like butter on a hot day.

  • Photograph by Isa Zapata, food styling by Pearl Jones and Thu Buser, prop styling by Sean Dooley

    Frizzled-Onion Cabbage Salad

    Slicing your onions as uniformly as possible ensures that they will fry evenly. A mandoline is great for this. Remove the onions from the oil when they’re still a shade or two lighter than you want them. They’ll continue to cook off the heat.

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