12 Amazing Art Shows This September in Guangzhou

12 Amazing Art Shows This September in Guangzhou

Lingnan Oil Painting – 2023 Guangzhou Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition


Co-sponsored by Guangzhou Cultural Center and Guangzhou Artists Association, and undertaken by the Oil Painting Art Committee of Guangzhou Artists Association, the “Oil Painting Lingnan 2023 Guangzhou Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition” will hold the opening ceremony at 10:00 am on September 5, open to the public after 12:00, and the exhibition will be on display until September 14 (closed on Mondays), welcome citizens and friends to visit the Guangzhou Cultural Center.

Until September 14, 2023

Guangzhou Cultural & Arts Centre, No.288, Xinjiao Middle Road, Haizhu

Tea Helps to Build A Better World


The exhibition brings together a number of tea industry intangible inheritors, Lingnan tea culture scholars and a number of tea culture brands to jointly create 12 tea culture spaces in the three exhibition areas.

Until December 25, 2023

Guangzhou Cultural & Arts Centre, No.288, Xinjiao Middle Road, Haizhu

West of Yangguan Pass


The exhibition gathers 136 exquisite cultural relics from various regions of Xinjiang from the pre Qin to the Song and Yuan dynasties, presenting us with the prosperity and grandeur of the integration of Western Region culture and Central Plains civilization for thousands of years.

Until October 29, 2023

Guangzhou Maritime Museum, 22 Xuri Street, Miaotou, Huangpu

Remake Art Exhibit


Amidst wear and aging, should objects be discarded with time and change? Objects hold emotions and memories. On Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich’s 12th anniversary, the hotel embraces sustainable art, using it to extend the life of cherished items. A collection of old objects like bed linen, tablecloth, plates, furniture, and ambassador uniforms symbolizes the hotel’s growth, preserving memories of cozy sleep, delightful dining, inspiring travels, and exceptional service.

Until September 15, 2023

Lobby, Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich, NO.988 Guangzhou Da Dao Zhong, Tianhe

National Geographic


Starting brand new in 2023. Gathering over 130 years of global classics. Over a hundred classic moments exploring the past, present, and future. It not only explores and records the panorama of physical geography, but also frames the precious and moving classic moments of wildlife, humanity, history and society. These stunning photos and stories reflect a broad perspective of the world we live in, with a highly aesthetic and poetic perspective guiding us to re understand the world.

Until October 8, 2023

Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 22:00 (closed at 21:30)

K11 Art Mall, 6 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Tianhe

The Image of China Spreads to the West


In these printmaking works about China before the First Opium War, Chinese scenery was deeply processed by a subjective way, which is a European imagination of the mysterious East – a country that can produce such exquisite silk, porcelain, lacquerware, tea, is an idyllic paradise. The exhibition appreciates fine works in European antique prints from the 17th to 18th centuries potraiting China.

Until November 12, 2023

In Arcade, 1/F, No. 73, Shamian North Street, Liwan

Moistening Things and Cultivating the Heart


This exhibition initiates the combing and research of contemporary Chinese art, and selects representative works of contemporary artists such as Gu Dexin, Zeng Fanzhi, Wang Yin, Yang Guoxin, Wei Guangqing, Zhou Chunya, Liu Xiaodong, He Duoling, Ding Yi, Zhang Xiaogang and other contemporary artists from the collection of Guangdong Museum of Art.

Until September 10, 2023

Guangdong Museum of Art, NO.38 Yanyu Lu, Ersha Island, Yuexiu

Syria Ancient Cultural Relics Exhibition


From the second half of 2019, the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center began to communicate closely with the General Administration of Syrian Cultural Relics and Museums to coordinate the exhibition of Syrian ancient cultural relics in China. The final selected exhibits came from nine Syrian museums.

Until October 19, 2023

Guangdong Museum, 2 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe

Inside Out


CRAIG & KARL first large-scale solo exhibition, taking you into the fantasy world of pop filled with imagination and positive energy, discovering interesting little things in life and surprise moments worth touching.

Until November 12, 2023

K11 Art Mall, 6 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Tianhe

A Recluse’s Book of Time


Yang Guoxin uses an unhurried pen to record the world’s fireworks, war, love and turmoil, life and death. The exhibition displays over 100 works from Yang Guoxin.

Until September 16, 2023

Harmony & Beauty Arts Centre, The Flower Pavilion of Yuexiu Park, Yuexiu

Impression Monet


Authorized by Michael OMara Books, a well-known publishing house in London, the exhibition is based on the “Monet’s Cat” picture book co-created by the famous children’s book author Lily Murray, a graduate of Kingston University in London, and Becky Cameron, a well-known illustrator who graduated from Cambridge College of Art, as the main curatorial line, and narrates the “Monet’s Cat” in the picture book.

Until September 18, 2023

Look Art Museum, 6/F, Grandview Plaza, No. 228 Tianhe Road, Tianhe

One Tree One World


In the “unique tree”, meet the unique me. Through the “Mulinsen Plan”, the paper tree will be turned into a real forest. Together with AI Nuwa, the chapter of “Future Tree” is combined. In the combination of creativity and technology, unleash creativity and perception. Establish a concept of sustainable development, cultivate a sense of social responsibility and an international perspective.

Until October 15, 2023

SHINING Art Gallery, No. 1, Zhongdao, Dongshan Lake Park, Yuexiu

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