10 Easter Eggs From Netflix’s One Piece That Will Blow Your Mind

10  Easter Eggs From Netflix’s One Piece That Will Blow Your Mind

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THE LIVE ACTION adaptation of One Piece is full of exciting fight scenes, plot lines that are accurate to what viewers of the anime and readers of the manga remember, and an intriguing finale that will lead to an interesting Season 2. And, of course, one of the most exciting things about watching a show that has so much source material is looking out for all of the Easter eggs that pop up throughout the episodes. The decision to add in a bunch of clever Easter eggs was purposeful, as production designer Richard Bridgland revealed when the series premiered.

“The show is full of Easter eggs. I really urge fans to look deep into the background of all the sets because there are so many easter eggs that we put in. For instance, in the Bartie restaurant, if you look on the walls, there are all these paintings. Every single one of them is one of the places in the One Piece world that Zeff might well have visited,” Bridgland told Decider. “We know he visited some and we thought he could well have visited the others. I got these landscape paintings made and put on the wall. They’re quite unique. They’re not in the manga. It was just something to give some more depth and detail for fans of the show.”

Chances are you’ve picked up on some of these hidden details on your own, but if you’re having trouble picking out the rest, keep reading.

Here are 10 One Piece Easter eggs that you might’ve missed.

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Familiar Faces at Gold Roger’s Execution

At the execution of the former King of the Pirates, we see sightings of characters that will be important later in the story, including Shanks, Vice Admiral Garp, Dracule Mihawk, and a younger version of Smoker.

The Wanted Posters

The wanted posters in Shells Town feature the faces of future antagonists like Foxy the Silver Fox, Jango, the former captain and previous first mate of the Black Cat Pirates, and Bellamy the Hyena, the captain of the Bellamy Pirates.

The “We Are!” Theme Song

“We Are!” plays as The Straw Hats set off, and the song was the first opening song for the original One Piece anime.

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Buggy and Shanks

Buggy Notes that Luffy’s straw hat originally belonged to Shanks, the captain of the Red-Haired Pirates. Shanks and Buggy used to be friends and crewmate on Gold Roger’s ship.

Chouchou the Dog

Chouchou briefly appears very briefly in one of the One Piece episodes, but the character is a callback to a much longer storyline in which the pup defends its owner’s store after he’s killed in Orange Town.

Mohji the Beast Tamer’s Lion

Buggy’s first mate, Mohji the Beast Tamer, makes a brief appearance, but he isn’t accompanied by his usual pet lion Richie. However, Buggy does ask him where Richie is as a nod to the anime.

Mr. 7’s Design

The original Mr. 7 was killed before the manga and anime took place, but the Mr. 7 in the live-action series is based off of a sketch by One Piece author Eiichiro Oda.

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That Jimbei Reference

In a conversation with Arlong, Nezumi notes one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea is a fish-man, which is a reference to Jimbei, the fish-man who joins the Sun Pirates and then the Straw Hats.

The Title Cards

The title cards for each episode featured a nod to one of the characters, including Luffy, Buffy, and Sanji’s heart eyes.

The Credits Map

There is a lot more One Piece to go through, so the map in the end credits scene features lands that didn’t appear in season one, including The Island of Rare Animals, and a nod to Momoo.

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